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Alterations Phoenix

Tuxedo Rental Phoenix now offers alterations Phoenix for all of your alteration needs! Alterations Phoenix couldn’t be simpler: while you’re here picking out tuxedo styles and colors or picking up your rental items, let us save you some time and money with your alterations too!  We offer full service alterations at a fraction of the cost.  If you have alterations that need to be done take a look at our alterations price list below to find great deals on all sorts of clothing.  We have a professional seamstress on staff that knows exactly how to alter clothing the correct way.  We pay close attention to every detail and your clothing comes out perfect as a result.  Here is a current price list for our alterations.  All prices are based upon standard alterations.  Call us with any questions that you might have!

Clothing Alterations Price List

New invisible zipper$16.00 (add $4 for lining)
Pants hemmed $7.00
Crotch lining $15.00
Suspender buttons $5.00
Jeans Original hem $19.00
Taper dress pants in and out $15.00
Pants hemmed with cuffs $10.00
Pants hemmed with lining $15.00
New zipper $15.00
Re-elastic waist $16.00
Take crotch in/out $10.00
Take-in sides from waist down $19.00
Taper legs (below waistband) $20.00-$28.00

Shorten sleeves without redoing buttonholes $15.00 and up
Suit measurements $10.00
Center back seam $25.00
Shorten coat $25.00
New zipper sport jacket/vest $35.00 (add $6.00 for lining)
New zipper heavy duty sport jacket $50.00 (add $6.00 for lining)
New zipper ski jacket $40.00 + cost of zipper
New zipper jacket sleeve $30.00 each
Shoulder pads $12.00 – $22.00
Decorative patches/insignia $6.00

Blouse or shirt hemmed $15.00

Sleeves shortened with cuffs $20.00
New zipper $15.00 – $20.00
Taper sides $20.00
Convert to short sleeves $16.00
Reline $55.00 (add cost of material)

Skirt hemmed without lining $7.00
Skirt hemmed with pleats $10.00-19.00
Skirt hemmed with lining $10.00
Take-in waist only $15.00
Re-elastic waist $15.00
Add fabric to enlarge waistband $28.00
New zipper $15 (add $4 for lining)
New invisible zipper $16 (add $4 for lining)

Shorten or lengthen basic cotton $15.00
Evening/Formal gown hem $25.00 and up
Taper sides $20.00/side (add $6/side for lining)
New zipper $19.00 (add $5 for lining)
New invisible zipper $28.00 (add $5 for lining)
Wedding gowns Please call or stop by for estimate


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